Use your Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Congratulations, you have chosen our most powerful formula which delivers superior results!

Remember, this formula may cause sensitivity. We minimize this as much as possible by providing mouth trays that can be molded to your teeth and a Whitening Primer for sensitivity in each kit. You can order more Whitening Primer separately if you require. You will also find instructions on how to use your Whitening Primer here.

Please read our before whitening instructions prior to using your kit.




How to use your professional teeth whitening kit

Mold your mouth trays;

You will need:

A bowl or cup of Boiling water, Cold water and scissors.

1. Boil hot water in the jug or in a pot on the stove. Once boiled pour the hot water carefully in to a bowl or large cup and let the hot water rest for 5-7 minutes. (For best results do not overheat mouth trays, water temperature should be 70-80 degrees Celsius).

2. Submerge one of the mouth trays into the hot water by holding the tab with your fingers or tongs for 5 - 10 seconds until the tray appears to soften.

3. Carefully shake excess water from the mouth tray.

4. Place the mouth tray into your mouth covering your upper teeth.

5. Close your mouth and suck all the air and excess water from the mouth tray creating suction between mouth tray and teeth.

6. Gently push the tray into your teeth by pushing on your upper lip with your fingers.

7. Wait 10-15 seconds before removing the mouth tray from your mouth.

8. Twist or cut the tab from the mouth tray to remove it.

9. Place the mouth tray into a cup of cold water for 10 seconds to complete the curing process. 

10. Repeat process for the lower mouth tray. 


Whitening Process

1. Brush your teeth with clean water (Avoid using toothpaste due to cross contamination) & take a close up photo in natural light before you get started! (Before Photo)

Note: You can use the desensitizing gel at least 4 hours prior to whitening. Do this by brushing teeth and gums with the desensitizing gel for 3-5 minutes then rinse with clean water. 

2. Remove plastic tab under the LED light battery cover located between the 2 batteries.

3. Apply small dots of whitening gel to the front (tooth impressions) of the upper & lower mouth trays. The dots should be the size of a matchstick head.

Warning: DO NOT overfill the trays with gel. Avoid excess gel on your gums.

4. Place the upper and lower trays in your mouth & ensure it's firmly against the front of your teeth. Press the LED light on & let FEVER work its magic.

5. We'd love to see the LED light in action.

Take a selfie & share on social


6. Leave mouth tray in for at least 45 mins but no longer than 60 mins. We recommend whitening once per week. When you reach your desired shade use once per month for maintenance.

7. Remove & wash mouth tray. Wipe Led light with a damp cloth.

Warning: Do not wet the Led light with water. 

8. Rinse your mouth with warm water & take a photo of your new #FEVERSMILE

Please read our After care instructions to help maintain your pearly whites and cleaning and storage.