Use your Pro Zero Teeth Whitening Kit

Yay! You've received your teeth whitening kit it's time to get your Fever Smile. Included in your package is a step by step manual. Make sure you read our before whitening tips before you get started.

We've also put together a quick video to walk you through the steps. 

This video is a guide to using your Fever Pro Zero Kit only. 



How to use your fever pro zero teeth whitening kit

1. Brush your teeth with clean water (Avoid using toothpaste to avoid cross-contamination).

2. Take a close up photo before you get started and check against the colour chart included in your teeth whitening kit. Sometimes it's easier to check the colour against a picture on your camera rather than in the mirror against your teeth.

3. At the back of the Led light open the battery compartment and remove the batteries to remove the plastic tab between them.

4. Attach the mouth tray to the led light ensuring the lip that's attached to the mouth tray is evenly secured to the Led light.

5. Remove the safety cap at the end of the teeth whitening gel syringe by screwing it off, and replace with a syringe tip.

6. Apply a thin layer of teeth whitening gel to the front of the upper & lower mouth tray. (The gel should be on the area where there are lines on the mouth tray so that when you place the mouth tray in your mouth, the gel will touch the front of your teeth).

Note: Ensure you only use 0.5 ml of teeth whitening gel per session and spread as evenly as possible on the entire mouth tray grid

7. Place the mouth tray in your mouth and ensure it's firmly against the front of your teeth. Press the LED light on and let FEVER work its magic.

8. We'd love to see the LED light in action. Take a selfie and share with us on social #FEVERSMILE

9. Leave mouth tray in for 30 - 45 mins but no longer than 60 mins. 

FEVER Professional Kit - We recommend whitening no more than once per week until you reach your desired shade and once per month for maintenance.

FEVER Zero Kit - We recommend whitening no more than once per day until you reach your desired shade and once per month for maintenance.

10. Remove the mouth tray from the Led light once you've completed your teeth whitening session and wash the mouth tray with warm water. DO NOT wet or rinse the Led light, wipe off any excess gel from the led light with a cloth.

11. Remove the safety tip from the teeth whitening gel syringe and replace with the teeth whitening syringe cap.

12. Rinse your mouth with cold or warm water and take a photo of your new #FEVERSMILE

Note: Please follow all after teeth whitening instructions to avoid staining your teeth. The whitening process can continue for up to 48 hours after whitening session.