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Why Fluoride is killing your sexy mojo?

The fluoride causing sexy smile killer also known as white spot will ruin even the hottest smile.

According to Medical News Today, one of the most common causes of white spots on teeth is dental fluorosis.
White spot also known as Hypocalcification is the loss of calcium in the tooth enamel which leads to noticeable white spots on your teeth causing your teeth colour to look uneven, blotchy, or can give the effect of stained teeth. This is not a condition known to cause any harm according to the Journal of Conservative Dentistry and usually develops when too much fluoride is consumed in young children under the age of 10.
Another common cause for white spot on teeth that develops during childhood is Enamel Hypoplasia.
During the development of a person's teeth in childhood, the enamel does not form properly which causes the white spot in adulthood and increases the risk of tooth decay.

The other causes of white spot include poor dental hygiene, wearing braces and eating acidic or sugary foods.

So it seems all this white spot exposure occurred when we were young children. Now how do we get sexy back and rid ourselves of this unsavoury smile?

1. See your dentist and get a professional opinion
We recommend this be the first place to start for a few reasons.
A dentist can advise what is causing the white spots, eg. dental fluorosis or enamel hypoplasia?
Your dentist can also provide the best treatment for your symptoms or the condition accordingly.
Your dentist may offer other alternative cosmetic procedures including;

  • Enamel Microabrasion which treats the outer most layer of enamel
  • Teeth Whitening or bleaching
  • Dental Veneers
  • Topical Fluoride
  • Composite Resin

Prevention before the cure!
Just a few tips to help avoid developing white spots;
1. Reduce acidic and sugary foods and drinks
2. Test well water for fluoride levels yearly
3. Use fluoride-free water
4. Encourage children to have good dental hygiene and healthy eating and drinking habits
5. Use the correct amount of toothpaste

It is important to note that when using DIY Teeth Whitening Kits to whiten your teeth at home it can occur where the white spots appear after a whitening treatment. Teeth whitening does not cause white spot tooth stains. However, it can make the existing white spot on your teeth more visible.

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