Why Charcoal is the secret to keeping your teeth white

Why Charcoal is the secret to keeping your teeth white



Charcoal is an odourless, tasteless, black powder, or black porous solid.  Made up of carbon and any remaining ash.  It is a black carbon residue.


Charcoal is produced by burning wood in a strong heat in minimal oxygen to remove all volatile impurities.  Natural charcoal is produced when the raw material is carbonised at a 500-550 degrees Celsius temperature.  The hot temperature creates vital nutrients in the wood that are not carbonised.  Charcoal is produced in large chunks which can then be broken down into smaller pieces by crushing.



Charcoal is used for a number of things, the most common being absorbing odorous or coloured substances from gases or liquids as in the purification of drinking water, sugar and many other products. Using charcoal on your teeth is a great way to remove built up grime and stains.  Charcoal has a negative charge which attracts heavy metals and toxins which have a positive charge.  This allows charcoal powder to be extremely absorbent to remove stain particles from your teeth and promote healthy gums.  The process is very simple, place the powder on your toothbrush and gentle brush in a circular motion.  Charcoal cleans certain stains off the tooth surface.  The abrasive nature of activated charcoal can remove stains from the first layer of your teeth, the enamel.  It is inexpensive, you have the choice of an activated toothpaste or mixing charcoal with your regular toothpaste.


      Using a natural product, charcoal on your teeth can be very cost effective and provide great results.  At Fever Smile we are dedicated to helping people find the right way to safely and effectively keep your teeth clean, white and stain free.  So, if you have any further questions on the use of charcoal on your teeth you can contact us at team@feversmile.com .






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