Teeth Whitening Facts True Or False

Teeth Whitening Facts True Or False

We hear so many things about the good and bad of whitening our teeth. I thought we would have a quick look at some of the facts and determine if they are true or false.

1.Teeth are like sponges

This is true, although to touch your teeth feel very hard, they are made up of tiny pores. So, if for example you drink a lot of red wine, the colour is absorbed into the pores just like a sponge causing your teeth to stain over time. Unfortunately, you will be stuck with these stains unless you make an effort through either your dentist or trying at home teeth whitening products to remove them.

2.You can use chemicals on veneers

This is false. It is not safe to use chemicals on your veneers. Chemicals such as Hydrogen Peroxide which is often used in teeth whitening products is defiantly not safe to use. The chemical can eat into the veneer and destroy it. The best thing to do to keep your veneers sparkling is brush twice a day, floss regularly and use the correct tooth paste.


3.Just before bedtime is the best time to whiten your teeth

This is true, simply because using a tooth whitening product causes your pores to open. If you whiten your teeth and then eat food like curry or have a drink of wine your pores are likely to still be open making it a lot easier for those foods to stain your teeth.  If you do the teeth whitening process before going to bed, this gives your teeth enough time to replenish themselves with minerals and moisture before you start eating or drinking again.


4.Whitening your teeth does damage to your teeth

This is false. The part of your teeth that stains occur is the dentin. Using whitening products on this does not cause any damage to your dentin. For those of you who have sensitive gums, there can be some irritation the first time you whiten your teeth but there is no evidence to suggest any long term damage from doing this process. Approx. 60% of our population have sensitive teeth that is genetics or  cracked and damaged teeth caused by hygiene neglect.

5.Teeth whitening kits do not whiten your teeth


This is false. Teeth whitening kits which are used in the convenience of your own home are very simple to use. The kit provides two mouldable trays which are heated up to meld onto the shape of your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide as the whitening agent triggers the bleaching action once it makes contact with your teeth. The tray filled with the active ingredient is placed over your teeth and connected to a LED light. This process takes about 15 minutes each use, with the most people seeing a difference in the colour of their teeth after just one use.




There are lots of so called facts out there discussing the topic of teeth whitening. As we have seen no all the information is correct. It is up to us as individuals to do our homework before deciding  to whiten our teeth. If you are interested in whitening your teeth and not sure which options to choose, have a look at what's available at feversmile.com or you can contact us @teamfeversmile.com where we can answer any questions you have on this topic.

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