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Smile your way to Success

What does smiling your way to success even mean you wonder?

It means more than having a great smile, that goes without saying. In this instance, it means smiling through all the challenges you are about to face because you have a big dream that when you achieve this, you will consider yourself successful.

Does that mean you will be rich? Not necessarily. It depends on what success means to you. For some people success is overcoming illness, improving their lifestyle, living comfortable, finding true love or even finding themselves.

Smiling your way to success is about putting on bravery with a twist of heart. Let me explain.


The Oxford dictionary explains success as; A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame or wealth. The Cambridge dictionary explains success as the achieving of the result wanted or hoped for or something that achieves positive results.

So as you can see everyone's success will be different, but one thing is for sure, it is never easy to achieve. It takes perseverance, patience, tenacity, integrity, creativity and guts to name a few key characteristics required to succeed.

Secrets to success

There is a no size fits all solution, but many have gone before us and have left us with keys that have worked for them. Here are a few secrets from some of the movers and shakers of all time;

  • Define what you want to accomplish – What is the goal? What does success look like to you? Define your dream and write it down.
  • Follow the Plan – Now you know the goal, you need to develop a plan to achieve it. An excellent way to accomplish that is to start at the dream and work your way back to where you currently are.
  • Stay focused – Now you have to activate your plan, and it will require you to be focused.
  • Master your craft – Along the journey, you will be required to learn and develop skills you may or may not have.
  • Follow your passion – If you are truly doing what you were born to do, then you will do it with passion. It will be hard, but if you can honestly say to yourself you can't imagine doing anything different, then you've found your passion.
  • Keep your head straight – This is not only important, but this is one of the most significant keys in life. One of the hardest things to do is keep negative emotions at bay.
  • Follow your heroes – In essence, this means to follow or learn from people that have achieved similar visions to you.
  • Accept you will have setbacks – This goes with the territory, and there is no way of shielding yourself from this. It would be best if you accepted this because it is a part of the journey.
  • Learn from your mistakes – We all make mistakes which have consequences, the faster you learn from them, the less you will make in the future.
  • Enjoy the journey – This is easier said than done. The key here is gratitude, and having the attitude that although nothing is perfect, everything is exactly as it should be, and being present in every moment instead of worrying. Remember tomorrow isn't promised to anyone.
  • Don't limit yourself – The typical reason for limiting yourself is fear. Overcoming fear is about overcoming a state of mind that is preventing you, due to possible outcomes.
  • Never Give up – Don't ever stop trying, giving, wanting, or working towards the goal. Dreams and visions are a gift that only you can see, so never give up.

Smiling your way to success

Anyone can achieve success if you want to. We all have limitations in some way shape or form, but do we make the most everything in our lives consistently? Do we persistently make the most of our time, resources, talent and skills? Once you have exhausted all these things to their highest potential, and have patiently toiled for some time, the law of the universe says "All your dreams will come true".

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