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#selflove: How to selfishly take care of yourself first

Recently I caught up with a girlfriend who lives across the ditch. During our conversation it became blatantly apparent to me we had both been dealing with the stresses of life, love & parenting. We had been coping in different ways; chocolate was a common denominator.
All this stress got me thinking about a phrase that's been trending online the past month — self Love.

By definition 'Self' is; a persons essential being that distinguishes them from others. Love, of course, is something a lot of people may never understand.

Self-love is the instinct by which a person's actions are to promote one's welfare or well-being, which can be excessively for one's advantage.

So here are my five tips self-love...

1. Practice self care daily

It's incredible what a good night sleep does for your body, try to get 8 hours a night from at least Monday to Thursday. Fill your fridge with leafy greens and whole foods. Exercises daily, even if it's just a stroll around your local park.

2. Be thankful

Taking the time to reflect and project at the beginning or end of your day can be immensely helpful. Before my feet hit the floor, I like to take 5 minutes to think of everything I am grateful for because focusing your inner energy on positive thoughts helps to dispel any self-doubt you might be having about your life situation.

3. Just do you

Look at all your relationships, friendships and analyse who you are spending time with the most, those people are an accurate reflection of who you are. If you are in some relationships that are no longer serving you, separate yourself from that person. End any friendships that are taxing and focus on taking care of who you let into your inner circle.

4. Let your freak flag fly

Don't want to straighten your hair today? Free the fro! Want to buy that hot pink lippy? Go for it! When you start taking care of yourself more you will be surprised at how all the little details no longer matter; you can forget about caring what others think of your outfit and just let your uniqueness shine.

5. Believe in yourself

When negative self-talk creeps in about how you could have, would have, should have to make a conscious decision and say no more. Gently guide your thoughts in a positive direction. Dispell doubt with self-belief and try to imagine yourself where you want to be opposed to where you are right now.  Self-love means telling yourself that you are worthy, you are capable and you do love yourself. 


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