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Pursuing your Dream Job

So many of us work in jobs or have roles that are unsatisfying and unfulfilling. We have to do what we have to do sometimes to provide for ourselves and our families, but while you are doing that, why not pursue a career that you love? That utilises all your gifts and talents and makes you happy. So we have put together a short list of ways to prepare for your dream job or career and put you on the path to a fulfilling life. A lot of our time is working at our jobs, so it may as well be something you love.

 1. Network

Connect with people who work for companies you are interested in working for. Networking with companies, you want to land a job with may give you the opportunity to work in the industry, after all, people already in the industry know when jobs open up and usually before the position is public knowledge. Also being referred by an employee always puts you in front from the start.

2. Education

Master or develop a high level of skills in your chosen profession, whether that means getting a degree, practicing your craft in your spare time or researching and reading up using the abundant free content on the internet or in books.

The law of attraction creates opportunities throughout your life. If you are continuously educating yourself in your chosen field, you will deliver strong results when you finally reach your chosen industry.

3. Showcase your Profile

Don't just stop at a fantastic resume. You must showcase who you are on all platforms. What this means all your social media profiles must be on point. Make a deliberate effort to check all profiles available on the internet and remove any photos, videos or content that does not show you in the best light. There is nothing worse than having inappropriate material on your social platforms that will give your future employer the false impression.

4. Money

Don't make money your primary focus when selecting your dream job. If you do, you will never feel fully satisfied or fulfilled. If you do what you love it will lead to a fulfilling career and life and may lead to even greater opportunities that could generate more wealth than you could even imagine. Many of the wealthiest people in the world pursued their dreams and created an empire by merely doing what they were born to do and what they loved, so while you are on your journey remember this.

5. Know what you want

If you don't yet know what your dream job is, test test test! Testing and trialling different passions is the only way to tell if something is for you or not. Try your hand at a variety of things outside of your current job to see what you like. You may already have an idea of some of the things you are passionate about, so it is a good idea to dig deeper into those things and see where it will lead you.

6. Master an Attitude of Gratitude

Always do your absolute best to demonstrate your great attitude. Everyone enjoys working with positive, grateful, humble people who give their all. Build a good worth ethic and habits on your journey to your dream job. It's important always to be grateful for every experience you have and learn from them. It will help you to have good strong character, which you will attract more of this into your life.


The one thing money can't buy time. So you may as well find a job, career or income stream that you will love to do every day. Never limit your dream. It takes persistence, perseverance, courage and faith to believe that you will make it.

Write your dream down or create a vision board so you can look at it and remind yourself of the goal. The most important thing above all else is to keep your mind clear of that goal, and never lose sight of that goal. It only takes many small steps to finish the race to reaching your goals, your dreams and your aspirations.

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