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Preparing yourself for a lasting relationship!

So you think you're ready to find Mr or Miss Right! Well, let's see if you have considered things thoroughly to help you determine if you are prepared to share your life with someone.

1. Do you know yourself?

Sounds simple but yet often an overlooked question many do not ask themselves before they venture into a relationship. Many of us think we are ready at a certain age or stage in life, but too often we don't assess thoroughly enough. More often than not that is because we do not really know or understand what we are in for. It's essential to have a solid foundation and understanding of who you are. That you have spent enough time getting to know yourself, what you like and what you love. Once you have settled on who you are you will always be yourself. If you find that you change around certain people to try and fit in you are not ready.

You see before you think you are ready, you need to ask why? In the scheme of long-term relationship status, you need to ask what makes you feel you're ready? The other questions are when do you think is a good time for yourself and how would you like to meet or date potential partners. You need, to have a plan because this will be the most critical decision of your life. One last question to ask yourself is what qualities in a person are you looking for and what are the absolute deal breakers for you. Having these clear guides can save you confusion and sift out the time wasters.

2. Vision

It's important when choosing a potential partner that you are both heading in the same direction. You will need to discover before getting into a long-term relationship what you want in your future. What happiness do you want to create with someone else? If you choose someone that has different goals then eventually you will both head in different directions, so make sure you know for yourself where you are heading, and then you can quickly assess if your potential partner is on the same level.

3. Understand your strengths and weaknesses

So just knowing what your strengths and weaknesses will help you to assess potential partners and if they will strengthen your weaknesses and if you strengthen their weaknesses. It will also help you to determine if you both have strengths that may clash or both have the same flaws that may cause issues in the relationship later on down the track. Depending on the strengths and weaknesses of both parties will determine how much of an impact this will have on the union but it is good to know upfront.

4. Opposites attract

It's imperative to understand that the opposite sex does not think like you. A great example of this is men are straight talkers and to the point. Women talk in circles around the subject before they get to the end of their discussion.

Learning to understand the difference between you and your potential partner will help you to communicate more effectively when you need to.

5. Dating

Dating gives you the opportunity to connect with someone and become friends. Then you can discover if they are a good fit before you enter a relationship with anyone. But what if you have been on 100 dates and still haven't met any potentials close to what you're looking for in a long-term partner?

Maybe you need to change the method you are picking these dates up. Perhaps you need to stop forcing it and get on with your own life and keep improving yourself, and your partner to be will come to you at the right time. If you find yourself obsessing with meeting your future life partner, then it's time to assess yourself again. The truth is people that know who they are happy with their own company. They are content with themselves and usually are pursuing their dreams and aspirations. 

6. Master thinking first

Try not to let the excitement of new love cloud your judgement. Too often we find people fell quickly madly in love with someone and missed all the signs of it being the wrong person for them. They then wonder how they got there heartbroken.

Always think, and use your intuition to guide you. Trust in your instinct. If you have a feeling that something is not quite right about someone then nine times out of 10, you are right. Kill it before it grows.

7. Understand the law of attraction

You will always attract the right person to your life if you live your life as your authentic self and do what makes you happy and do what you love.

If for some reason it doesn't work out you should be strong enough within yourself to carry on with life and take the lessons learnt and grew from them. People are not meant to be trapped, we are all meant to be free, so remember to let those that need to fly go with a joyful heart, because one day your journey will lead you to the right one.


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