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Looking Hot for your Graduation

It's your final shot at nailing it out of the park after what seems like an eternity of learning in a school environment. You've done your finals, and you already killed those. You and your student crew will be graduating soon. The next point of duty is to make the most out of your graduation. Finish with a bang by looking irresistibly hot.

If you are finding it overwhelming to prepare for your graduation when it comes to what to wear, and ultimately look good, we've got just the right hacks to get you on your way.

The Dress

Now, this is where the journey begins, and in a way, it ushers people's eyes to the rest of your outfit. So, you need to make it count. Picking the right dress is not just about what you like, it's also about what does your body all the justice in the world when you wear it. Think of a dress that accentuates your features, while not being too short or too long, but its just right where it should. If you have long legs, that's a great plus, let's show some of that gorgeous beauty off in those gowns.

I know, you'd be wearing your graduation robe, but, what about after the whole ceremony in your school hall and it's time for that party or dinner? You need to think about all those photos and minimise regrets when your great grandkids are asking you what are you wearing?

Next, on the agenda, you already know the answer to that.

The Hair

The whole "I'd be wearing a hat, I can't make too much of my hair" should now be stale as it is no longer an excuse for not looking great at your graduation! And you don't necessarily have to visit a  salon to get that hot hair doo, but by all means, if you can do it.

If you aren't visiting a salon, you can style your hair with setting lotions. This way, your hair would remain in the set curl all through the day.

The hat and the hair go hand in hand, at least for the duration of the ceremony. So, you can attach your cap to your hair using bobby pins in a way that when you finally take off the hat, your hair remains mostly intact.

The Makeup

Then comes the face, another must do when looking hot for your graduation. Especially because the cap you're wearing will accentuate your face. Make sure you do a good prep routine, treat yourself to a beauty spa including a power brow.

Full makeup routine is in order, no shortcuts please, and lashes, do yourself a favour and make it count.


Often overlooked but very crucial, make sure you do a DIY Teeth Whitening routine, so there are no restrictions on expressing your exceeding joy for crossing the finish line.

If you are pushed for time try a charcoal teeth whitener daily a few weeks before.

Congratulations, by the way, you're amazing, let the celebrations begin!

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