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Cool Wedding Gifts For Your Bridal Squad

Every bride expects to be overwhelmed with gifts on their wedding day, but classy brides take wedding gifting a step further. They bring gifts of their own too.

We are not talking about the souvenirs and food that will typically be available; we are talking about bridesmaids who we think deserve a wedding thank you gift. Bear in mind that on the D-day, your bridal squad are a reflection of you.

So, what kind of gifts do we consider the best for a bridal squad? Sit back and relax while we give you suggestions for potential wedding gifts for your bridal team.

A Box of Chocolates

A parcel of blissful chocolates can melt any heart. The same goes for your bridal squad; it can be a great way of saying thank you for those countless hours they spent preparing for your wedding. We know how tedious planning for that day can be so a carefully picked box of chocolates containing the best toffees and bonbons is probably the least you can do. Business Insider has a list of luxury chocolates you may want to consider for your team.

Luxurious Blankets

You can leave your mark in the bedrooms of your bridesmaid by gifting them with a beautiful blanket. Fleece blankets come in many different flavours, so check out this list of potential luxury blankets to give you an idea. You can take it up a notch by customising each quilt with their initials or full names as you deem fit.

DIY Teeth Whitening

In trying to choose the perfect gifts, we are always conscious of one thing; how memorable will this gift be to the recipient? Teeth whitening is the kind of present that will leave memories with your bridesmaids because they can always see its impact every time they look in the mirror. From a teeth whitening kit to charcoal teeth whitener, there are various options to choose from; and then, there’s the confidence that utterly white teeth give to them, to be able to express themselves and smile brightly especially for those important wedding photos.


It’s gifting tradition that never grows old. Your wedding gift for your bridal squad could be a bottle of exquisite wine. But then, you can make it better by deliberately picking a favourite bottle of each member of your bridal team.

Styling Hair Kit

If you’re looking for more practical gifts that benefit your occasion, then besides the teeth whitening kit what about a hairstyling kit that includes a flat iron, shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment? Martha Stewart recommends as a valid wedding gift idea so we had to add that idea.

Mini Wedding Hand Bag

So on the day while you and your entourage float around enjoying the festivities, it is a great idea to gift your bridesmaids a mini wedding handbag. Not only are they practical but can be repurposed for any occasion. There are many styles available, so get some inspiration from Pinterest. Just make sure they match your dresses.

Planning a wedding can look like a lifetime activity, but it usually gets more comfortable with your bridal squad helping you every step of the way. While most women overlook it, offering wedding gifts to your bridal team is the perfect way to end the weeks of planning, to deliberate, changing stuff and so on. Any of the gift ideas listed above will work just perfect, but it isn’t an exhaustive list as you can always get creative with your gift choices.

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