At home teeth whitening

How to whiten your teeth at home


Today we will discuss in detail the reason why we as a population choose to whiten our teeth and why you would try the option of whitening your teeth at home, we shall look at what options are available, affordable and actually work!


The most common reason people chose to whiten their teeth is to make you feel confident. If you know that your teeth are stained or have a yellow tinge you don’t feel confident to smile around other people, you tend to avoid face to face conversations and feel awkward and embarrassed when you know someone is looking at your teeth when they are talking to you. Peer pressure is another reason. Young people today are under enormous pressure from their peers. Unfortunately, there are people out there that enjoy targeting and bullying other people on their looks including the colour of and shape of their teeth. Looking younger is another reason we chose to whiten our teeth; all of these reasons relate back to the pressure society puts on us to look perfect.


There are lots of options and ideas when it comes to whitening your teeth, The obvious being a trip or several trips to the dentist. Unfortunately, not everybody feels comfortable going to the dentist myself included. Just the thought of it makes me get sweaty palms! Some people don’t have access to transport to get to the dentist and then there is the problem of cost, although some dentists do offer a payment plan it is still a very expensive option So we look for alternative ideas to whiten our teeth including natural remedies and at home teeth whitening kits.


Let’s look at some of the at home alternatives to a trip to the dentist to whiten your teeth. There is the old fashion bi Carb solution, simply mix bicarb with water create a paste apply to toothbrush and brush across your teeth. This is a very affective option but does have some negatives, the gritty taste is difficult to rinse away, and if used on a daily basis Bi carb can damage the enamel of your teeth. According to some experts rubbing Lemon Orange or Banana peel on your teeth is another simple way to improve the colour of your teeth, there are no studies to back this one up so I would perhaps be not in too big of a hurry to try this suggestion. Coconut oil is a not so well-known solution to clean and whiten your teeth, this oil has been used for centuries as a antimicrobial, it is suggested swishing coconut oil around your mouth and teeth helps clean your teeth and prevent bacteria and plaque from growing. I imagine it would be difficult to rinse the oil out of your mouth! Teeth whitening kits are another common solution for whitening your teeth at home. There are a number of different brands available each offering a different style of kit to whiten your teeth. Most kits are made up of mouth guards, LED light, Carbamide Peroxide solution (this chemical is used to whiten the teeth) and a colour chart to help you choose the desired colour you are wanting to achieve. The average cost of these kits is quite minimal compared to a trip to the dentist.


Society puts us under a lot of pressure to look perfect. We are always looking for ways to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. There are some low-cost teeth whitening ideas available to help improve your confidence speaking in public, these include at home teeth whitening kits. At Fever Smile we are dedicated to helping people find the right way to safely and effectively keep your teeth clean, white and stain free. So, if you have any further questions  you can contact us at .

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