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Are you selfie ready?

It’s the age of social media. Most of us live for the banter and the selfies! Many of us post regularly on social media pages, while some of us get a large number of followers, some of us get barely any attention from our followers at all.

It depends on the quality of your content and the audience you are engaging. One thing is definite, the more real the pic is, the more appealing it is, for example, this woman recreated celebrity selfies that were better than the originals. Her selfies became a success because they were so real and funny.

So what are the keys to taking amazing selfies? 

Well, there are three main ingredients; the way you look, the backdrop and your equipment. The equipment is most important because without it there is no selfie. Your look and the background gives your content context and tells a story to your audience.

Another look at your equipment

Let’s get one thing straight. Nothing about your selfie will work if your camera quality is poor. There is a range of hardware out there but most of us use our smartphones these days, and the features for each smartphone vary. Your camera is like the foundation that all your pictures rest on so make sure you have a decent one. Another essential piece of equipment that goes hand in hand with your camera is the tripod, selfie stick or mini-drone phone case to hold your camera in place for the big finale.

Camera Position

What you need to consider when positioning your camera is avoiding shadows and usually taking your selfie on a high angle that complements your pose. If in doubt keep your chin down and the camera up to accentuate your cheekbones and slim your face.

Lighting is important

Your selfie game needs to take on some shine. The perfect lighting will make the image look brighter and more flattering. You may use proper photography lightning inside, or if you are outdoors according to photography experts the golden hour which is the first hour of sunrise and the final hour before sunset produce the best lighting results.

Are your smiles bright?

Make sure your smile is on point, and your teeth are bright and white with good oral hygiene practices. You can use DIY teeth whitening options which include activated charcoal teeth whitening powder, teeth whitening kit or even baking soda teeth whitening.

White teeth give you a confident, youthful look and who doesn’t want to look like that?

It’s a no-brainer and is right up there with makeup, hair and clothes. Bright white teeth have become a usual standard these days.

Show some emotion

Bland pictures won’t cut it. Let your feelings in your photos reflect what you’re feeling or show the story you are trying to tell. Showing emotion gives your face (and picture) something to relate to so if you’re excited, people will know if you’re relaxed they can also tell.

The most significant benefit to being selfie-ready is that at any time, place or circumstance you can confidently step up to the mark and take that selfie without hesitation. When you are in a position to do this, you never know what opportunities might come your way, and without a doubt, you will be ready.

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