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A Guide to looking flawless on your wedding day

The countdown to your wedding is on and your big day is approaching full steam ahead. Now's the time to figure out when you need to book your makeup and hair trial, visit your colourist, and whiten your teeth, along with a million other details to ensure you look your prettiest.  

12 Months 

Sort your venue asap! Make time to visit each place with your fiance' and make a decision and secure the date so you can move on to more important matters like your trainer. Now is the time to start setting your food, fitness & weight goals. 

8 Months

If you have been considering cosmetic treatments it's time to take action, don't leave this for the last minute or you might end up with an unwanted expression of surprise on your face. Botox? Vaser Lipo? A small nip tuck? Find a certified clinic and get the sessions started now. 

6 Months

Get serious about your skin prep and regime - visit a dermatologist or invest in a skin range that works for you and maintain it daily! It's also an ideal time to start the hair removal process - legs, underarm, face and Brazilian. 

4 Months

By now you should be looking stronger, hairless and if you have followed a healthy diet, your skin should be glowing. It's time to refine and enhance your features, and this is an excellent time to have any brow micro-blading and teeth whitening. Check Instagram for reputable micro-blading artists in your area. Fever Home Teeth Whitening System is a safe at home alternative that means you won't be shelling out $299 per session in a salon. 

2 Months

Test drive your spray tan and have your makeup and hair stylist come and do a preview session. Your brows should have settled by now and your teeth white, so it's a fantastic time to check you are happy with your overall hair and makeup look for the big day. If you are not happy, speak up! A lot of brides hold back in these sessions and wait for the wedding day, where they can turn into a bridezilla. This is not nice for any makeup artist so if it's not right, now is the time to say so. 

1 Week Out

Double check you have everything you need for the day and go for a full body scrub and facial followed by your spray tan. You should now be fully prepared to slide into your dress on the day without any issues, sit down and relax with a glass of champagne surrounded by loved ones and enjoy your day of being the princess you know you are and saying I DO! 







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