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7 Foods that are benefiting your oral Health

You probably always thought that taking care of your teeth ended with brushing and flossing. Happy to break this to you, this is not true. There’s more to be done to help your teeth. In essence, there are certain foods you can eat to keep your teeth healthy.

Here are some of the best foods that are benefiting your teeth.


You probably forgot that water is considered a type of food.

However, drinking water is the best food option for your dental health. Water that is rich in fluoride can give your teeth strength which can work to prevent tooth decay, but then it has also been argued that fluoride can also cause serious health issues, so this is up to user discretion. If you do not agree with fluoride intake, then you can always drink fluoride free water. Water is good for rinsing other food particles stuck between your teeth & gums and ultimately helps with bad breath.


Cheese is perhaps already every day for you and your family members. Here’s more reason why you should keep partaking of it. Cheese helps to enhance the health of your teeth by increasing the pH level in your mouth and works against the dental agents responsible for tooth decay. There’s also calcium and protein present in cheese, all of which contribute to strengthening the enamel.


Unlike cheese, most people find celery to be tasteless. However, despite the tastelessness when you eat celery, it scrapes particles of leftover food from your teeth, as well as the bacteria in it. That’s not all; celery also produces two essential vitamins, Vitamin A & Vitamin C. the vitamins act as antioxidants that vitalise your gums.

Leafy greens

Think kale, spinach, watercress, lettuce and any other leafy green. They supply your teeth with useful nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. They are also healthy because they are low in calories. Pregnant women will find leafy greens very healthy because they have the potential to address gum diseases and are also good sources of iron. They also strengthen your enamel too, thanks to the calcium present.


There’s a lot to savour from drinking milk even Colgate recommend it because it contains vitamin D, calcium, and protein. It also ensures that the mouth does not experience irregular burning sensations, also known as the burning mouth syndrome.

Sweet potatoes

Jefferson dental clinics recommend Sweet potatoes for teeth and gum health. Eating sweet potato provides you with lots of Vitamin A. This also offers ample protection to your enamel and sends those annoying cavities away.


The Pediatric Dentist Charleston recommend eating Apples to cleanse your teeth and fight bad breath. The acidity in the apple kills bacteria as well and keeps the gums clean and healthier.

Some foods can be responsible for the discolouration of your teeth, like sweets and candies. While teeth whitening procedures like laser teeth whitening and zoom teeth whitening are available, it is always advisable to keep foods that would discolour or damage your teeth to a minimum. The health of your teeth should be a priority, too.

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