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6 Beauty Hacks That Give You That Hollywood Swag

Who doesn’t see the pictures of Hollywood stars and want to look like one of them?

If this is you, then you’re in the right place. We’re down for that Hollywood swag as well. But as we’ve realised, the Hollywood look comes at a price. We didn’t think it would be that easy, too.

Not everything needs to be expensive; there are a few things you can do to improve your beauty routine and help you achieve your Hollywood swag. Here are some of the beauty hacks that can make you look more beautiful than ever.

  1. Washing your hair in cranberry juice

Does washing your precious hair in cranberry juice sound strange to you? It did until we took a look at Nicole Kidman’s beauty secret for beautiful hair. She claims cranberry juice is one of the critical ingredients responsible for the appearance of her hair. While Nicole is a redhead, the hack works for any hair with touches of red in it. All that’s required is to mix cranberry juice with water and use it to rinse your hair after washing.

  1. Look younger with squeeze masks

For those of us trying to look younger, squeeze masks offer an inexpensive way to achieve that goal. And we’ve seen it work for your faves including Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. Squeeze masks give your face that elastic feel, releasing it from the strain. Another beautiful thing about this hack is that it often provides instant results, is not expensive and you can DIY your mask if you feel up to it.

  1. Fix wrinkles with cheap hemorrhoid cream

Firstly, Kim Kardashian uses this $6 hemorrhoid cream, and it’s the source of her wrinkle-free under the eye.  The cream she mainly uses is called Preparation H, and it does an excellent job of limiting the blood vessels around the area. Experts advise however that it shouldn’t be used every day because it can cause your skin to dry.

  1. First aid cream in place of lip balms

The first aid cream Bepanthen, in this case, is working wonders for Margot Robbie, who uses it in place of lip balm to give her lips the hydration it needs and is because lip balms have dehydrating agents such as menthol and phenol and Bepanthen keeps skin hydrated and moisturised.

  1. DIY teeth whitening

Hollywood women are rarely ever timid in fact, they are full of confidence and go all out to boost their confident smiles.

DIY teeth whitening will keep your teeth sparkling white and ensures that your smile to the camera knows no bounds. There are inexpensive ways to do a teeth whitening procedure without bearing any large teeth whitening dentist cost.

  1. Vaseline for the breasts

Probably the cheapest hack in this list, but rubbing Vaseline around your nipples provide excellent results, literally. It is a hack that a bunch of Hollywood stars and many others have tried and are still using today to increase their breast size.

Using some of these hacks can not only save you a fortune but give you that Hollywood swag you’ve been trying to achieve.

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