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5 Reasons your teeth are changing colour

Regular brushing and flossing may not be enough to keep your smile white and bright over time. Here are five reasons your teeth are changing colour and what you can do to get those pearly whites shining again. 

1. Trauma 

Often overlooked, this is one of the most common causes of tooth discolouration. If you have injured your teeth, the affected area will release more dentin causing the tooth to darken. Fortunately, in some cases, dental specialists can bleach the affected tooth to appear whiter. 

2. Medication

Many medications cause tooth darkening as a side effect of use. If you are taking medicines for prolonged periods talk to your health professional about alternative options. 

3. Food & drink

Coffee & tea are the main culprits along with spices and wine. Food has chromogens which attach and discolour the outer enamel of the teeth. Drinking with a straw can help avoid staining on your pearly whites.

4.  Smoking

When nicotine & tar are exposed to oxygen, they create a yellow stain that attaches itself to the enamel of your teeth. Avoid smoking or switch to vaping which contains no tar or nicotine. 

5.  Age

It is a fact that as we age the enamel on our teeth wears down and it becomes easier for our teeth to become discoloured. Maintain regular hygienist appointments and eat a well-balanced diet. 

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