5 Foods To Avoid That Stain Our Teeth

5 Foods To Avoid That Stain Our Teeth

Ever wondered what causes your teeth to get that stained look? Why are we so worried about teeth whitening? Today we shall look into this question why do our teeth lose that bright white clean colour? We shall discuss in detail the causes and ways to prevent your teeth from becoming discoloured.

1. Tea & Coffee

No one wants to hear that tea or coffee can stain your teeth!! We all enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning to get you motivated for the day ahead, but when we drink coffee the tennins in the brew get into the tiny pores in your teeth enamel. Coffee is acidic so it can also wear away the enamel which creates more stains. A cup of tea can actually create more stains on your teeth than coffee especially a cup of black tea for the same reasons as coffee. So, for those of us that have several cups of coffee a day it might be time to cut that back a bit or you will soon be looking for teeth whitening ideas to reduce this cause of discolouring.

2. Red Wine

Another favourite especially at parties is red wine but for the same reasons as coffee and tea this beverage can stain your teeth. Dentists suggest if you want to brush your teeth before and after drinking wine and also rinsing your mouth with a glass of water this is known to help prevent long term stains and discolouring. As strange as it may sound eating crunchy foods whilst sipping on wine helps prevent staining also as the foods soak up the wine.



3. Curry

Another favourite of a lot of people is curry which probably is not as commonly known to stain your teeth. We all love a curry but this spicy food is not only saturated colour wise caused by turmeric but just like wine, coffee and tea curry is very acidic. It is suggested if you must eat a lot of curries then also include a lot of leafy green vegetables as this will help prevent the curry form staining your teeth.

4. Coca Cola

It doesn’t matter whether it is diet coke or full-strength coke like all of the above coke is very acidic. But , coke also contains chromogens which is a form of dye used to colour the popular drink. This will also stain your teeth over time. Drinking your glass of coke through a straw is one way to help keep your teeth from getting discoloured.

5. Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce can be a great way to flavour your food but it can also stain your teeth if you have a lot of it over time.  Soy contains a lot of sodium another ingredient known to stain your teeth.  Unlike some of the other products we have touched on soy sauce does not eat away at your enamel, it is more likely to just stain your front facing teeth.


We have touched on a few of our favourite things to eat and drink that can stain our teeth.  The general rule when thinking about what foods may cause decolourisation is if a food can stain your carpet or t-shirt it can stain your teeth too.  If you are at all concerned about how to reduce the stained appearance of your teeth have a look at the products we have available at feversmile.com or if you have any questions you can contact us team@feversmile.com .

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