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5 Amazing benefits of quitting coffee

Coffee, the nectar of the Gods, some cannot operate, function or dress in the morning without first downing a perfectly brewed cup. French press or barista made the universal, undeniable truth is the world loves coffee!  

1. Reduce anxiety levels

The caffeine in coffee stimulates the adrenal glands which increase the likelihood of you suffering from anxiety — those that drink more that one cup a day are at far higher risk. By ridding coffee from your daily diet, you would be reducing your chance of caffeine-related meltdowns and anxiety attacks.

2. Better sleep patterns 

Its well-known caffeine can interfere with sleep patterns and cause restless nights. Get better quality sleep by reducing your intake to before midday. You will sleep soundly without consuming coffee during the day at all. 

3. Break the addiction 

Coffee is highly addictive, and a long-term user may not be able to function without it which creates a vicious cycle of dependency on caffeine. It alters the brains chemistry which results in a need for more of the substance to sustain and achieve daily results. Quitting coffee means quitting substance dependency! 

4. Whiter smile 

Coffee and tea, red wines can stain teeth and acidic, sweet energy drinks can erode tooth enamel and can cause tooth decay. Surface staining and discolouration can implode over time. 

Eliminating teeth-staining beverages from your life will result in whiter and healthier teeth.

5. Save money 

There is no doubt you will save so much money depending on how frequent you visit your barista in a day. Some people can buy up to 3 coffees a day - that can equate to $15 on coffee a day! 

Over a lifetime that is a lot of dosh invested in a caffeine-fueled addiction, not to mention the countless sleepless nights & potential anxiety meltdowns. Keep your teeth white and make a move to a coffee free morning, you might like it. 

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