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10 Tips to increase your feminine Energy

Do you think alluring women are confident?

According to an article written by Mona Patel in Forbes woman that know how to demonstrate their feminine energy possess key personality traits that are key to successful leadership.

They are more likely to create a more approachable, receptive and collaborative environment by projecting more feminine energy in leadership, therefore increasing productivity.

There is a rapid guide to the differences between Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy on a Dear Paris post called Harnessing Feminine Energy.

Many women in recent years have become more masculine due to taking on more responsibilities, operating in authoritative roles in employment, assuming both roles as single parents, and many other reasons, which has robbed her greatest strength, Feminine Power.

How do we stay in tune with our feminine energy?

There are times when you feel at your lowest. You feel zapped of both physical and mental energy. But like they always say; it’s okay to fall, getting up is what is essential. In this case, getting your feminine energy back is vital.

So, how do you get those energetic female vibes back again? Or how do you improve on your current feminine energy? Here are some tips you can always rely on to increase your feminine power.

Be Creative

Positive energy goes hand-in-hand with creativity. A great place to start when increasing your feminine power is channelling all your creative energy to doing something you love. Don’t box yourself in by doing something you don’t enjoy, be creative, be free, and take the time to be present at that moment, to rejuvenate yourself, because you’re worth it.

Improve your craft

No one is asking you to be perfect and get it right every time. As it is, the idea is to keep improving at your work and keep going for the perfection you crave which is feminine energy in mental motion. This tip leads us to the next point.

Do something you love

True happiness lies in doing the things we enjoy the most. And unless we enjoy activities, like our jobs, for instance, we won’t be able to perform at the highest level of energy.

Spend time with the girls

A great way to increase and boost your feminine energy is by spending more time with females like you. Women who understand the things you may be going through and who can help you relive the memorable experiences you’ve been missing all this time.

Be open to receiving

Being unreceptive can mean blocking your feminine energy from getting the nutrients it needs to blossom. A female with maximum feminine power knows the right time to do certain things, like when to ask for help and when to give it.

Work with your senses

Your five senses play a part in increasing your feminine energy when used the right way. Eat good food that spins your head from the taste alone. Visit the beach and let the shore wind caress your skin. Do something that ignites your senses.

Improve your smile

The state of your teeth can determine your level of confidence in open spaces. As a woman looking to increase her feminine energy, it’s vital to keep your smile in shape. A confident woman wears a smile even when the chips are down. So make sure your teeth are looking their best.

Health Plan

Move your body. Make sure you are moving your body as much as possible. A good fitness regime is not only imperative to a healthy sexy body but your hormone health. A daily exercise routine is crucial to keeping your physical and mental energy well balanced.

Look beautiful

Everyone wants to look beautiful, mainly because it brings out our personality. Dressing to look stunningly feminine may be all you need to increase your feminine energy.


Improve your feminine energy by relaxing, take a deep breath, and let certain things take care of themselves sometimes. Also getting plenty of rest is essential to maintaining your feminine energy on a daily basis.

In the long run, learning to channel and maintain your feminine energy will improve the quality of your life, happiness and opportunities.

The confidence of an alluring woman is infectious and attractive. It is a gift that we need to nurture and practice daily.

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