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10 Things that make you smile

If you're looking for a bit of a pick me up or need to cheer yourself or someone else up here are our top 10 tips to give you a reason to smile.

1. Food

Not just any food, usually the wrong food, pleasing to the eye and gives you a sense of indulging in a masterpiece. This type of food certainly puts a smile on your dial.

2. Free Stuff

Anything gave to you free whether it is from the free taste tester at the local supermarket or a surprise gift from someone you know, getting free stuff is a pleasant experience and always makes us smile.

3. Sleeping In

Everyone loves a good sleep in, especially after a hard week. Even thinking about sleeping in during the week makes us also laugh though we know we can't, the thought can bring us some comfort.

4. A night out with friends

It is such a happy occasion when you have a night out with friends. You get to recharge by catching up with friends, maybe have drinks and relax in good company. It's usually full of laughter, fun and can lead to all kinds of adventures. 

5. A stroll on the beach

The ocean has so many amazing gifts to offer us. Much like space, it can make us feel like a small piece of a vast puzzle. It is so large we can never see the end of it from the shore, yet it brings so much peace and comfort. 

6. Being welcomed home

Such a great feeling being appreciated at home whether it be by your family or your pet. The bigger the greeting, the bigger we smile, and a friendly reminder of why we worked hard all day.

7. Hearing your favorite song

Your favourite song can make you happy, make you sing, make you dance and make you feel great to be alive. Music can strike every chord in the human body and can change your mood.

8. Great memories

Reminiscing over memories whether in discussions or looking at photos of great times shared can make you smile from ear to ear. Looking back on great memories is good for the soul.

9. Hugs

Giving or receiving a great hug is such a fantastic feeling and makes us all feel loved. When we feel the love, we can't help but be happy and smile.

10. The laughter of children

The happiness of our children or grandchildren makes us smile without a doubt. There is nothing more fulfilling as a parent or grandparent to hear the innocence of a child's laugh.


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